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no more takis

On Tuesday I ate an entire bag of Takis1 in one sitting. Don't bother asking why; if I knew I wouldn't have done it. My problems with impulse control have always defied my understanding. Predictably, I spent the entire night writhing in pain, and in the morning I was hugging the toilet and retching so violently I called in sick at work.

People always talk about the embarrassment of going to buy condoms or the morning after pill, but do you know how embarrassing it is to go to a bodega at six in the morning just for Tums? At least in the other two cases you're embarrassed about a good thing. But my local bodega man knew I had a rough night when he saw me desperately fumbling for the two dollars that roll of mint Tums cost.

(Note to self: Tums don't help much with spicy food... just go straight for the yogurt next time.)

My complete lack of self-control is the primary reason I give all drugs a wide berth, even ones my friends might enjoy like caffeine and marijuana. If they were to make me feel good, I would almost certainly abuse them. And if they aren't any good, well then why try them at all?


I pass by a dog on my way to the train station who's always outside in the afternoon. I love dogs, but some traumatic experiences have made me more cautious around them. But today as I watched this one run along the fence to keep up with me I caved and showered him with love for as long as I could without feeling guilty. I always feel a bit scared petting other people's dogs like this. I'm worried they'll walk out and catch me in the act of, I don't know, giving their dog the affection it doesn't get at home?

I remember every dog I ever pet, and this one made my heart melt. He always trots along the fence looking up at me with his big brown eyes, and when I get close he lays down and rolls over for belly rubs. When I left he thanked me with lots of licks (and tried jumping the fence to follow me). We don't deserve dogs... a good one will always make me smile, even on a bad day.

In Portuguese sometimes people say posso te guardar num potinho?, which roughly translates to "can I keep you in a little jar?" I think it's apt here, to describe something so unbelievably adorable and heartwarming you want to keep it with you at all times.

yours, tiramisú

yours, tiramisú

yours, tiramisú


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  1. For the uninitiated, Takis are a hot chili lime flavored rolled corn tortilla chip snack.

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