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"stone love" by louise erdrich

I spent a star age in flames
Bolted to the black heavens
Waiting for you.

Light crept over the sill of the earth
A thousand upon ten thousand
Upon a hundred thousand years
But no light touched me
Deep in depthless time
Waiting for you

Fate flung me out,
Hauled me here
To love as a stone loves
Waiting for you.

Touch me, butterfly.
Like you, I have no hands.
Kiss me, rain.

Like you, I have no mouth.
Snow sit heavily upon me.
Like you, I can only wait.

Come to me, dear
Unenduring little
Human animal.

I have no voice
But your voice.
Sing to me. Speak
Let the clouds fly over us.
I have spent a star age in flames
Just to hold you.

~ Louise Erdrich

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