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the promises we leave behind (sf recap)

My last memory from San Francisco is from the airport, of me locking pinkies and swearing that I'd wait a year for love to return. Before last week I hadn't been back since. I'm glad to say the precipitous hills full of pastel-colored buildings still take my breath away, though what's happened in the two years since tinges my views of the city with blue.

I didn't plan much for my SF trip this time around. I stayed with friends, one of whom was visiting SF for the first time, so I was happy to take him around to the places I had already been. Besides, having a long list of things you want to see can be a curse. Things I set my sights on and don't get to do will always eat at me from inside, and getting three other people to follow you around to places that suit your fancy takes no small miracle.

I got to visit quite a few places I went to in 2022. Here's the complete list from last week:

Fisherman's Wharf

Ouch??? yours, tiramisu



Haight-Ashbury / Panhandle / NoPa

Mission District

Sunset (sort of?)


yours, tiramisu

Looking back, we didn't do a whole lot, even less so when you consider how many of those things I listed are repeats from previous trips. Normally that might bother me, but I was pretty tired and am just happy I got to spend time with my friends. Hopefully I'll be back soon to explore and try new things.

I'll leave you with some pictures of the resident Airbnb cat. A cat named Baby prowling around feels cruel to me, though (fortunately?) it was shy and I never got a chance to properly greet it.

yours, tiramisu

yours, tiramisu

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