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how to be a good rideshare driver

I take a lot of rideshares because I travel for work. As it turns out, there are way more subpar rideshare drivers than I previously imagined. Ones that I give bad reviews usually commit one (or more) of four offenses:

So I thought I'd turn these around and write four tips for rideshare drivers to ensure five star reviews from me every time.

1. Don't text and drive.

I've had drivers who texted on WhatsApp, scrolled through their Instagram feed, and even checked their bank account when driving. It's okay to use Maps or the Lyft/Uber app to figure out where you're going. If you absolutely need to talk to someone, you can call them. I don't even care if you do it on speakerphone. But please don't drive while distracted with your phone. It's downright terrifying for us riders.

2. Don't smoke in your car.

Most drivers have pretty clean cars, but the biggest offender I see (or smell?) by far is terrible odor. Don't smoke in your car. It smells terrible, and take it easy on artificial fresheners too. If I can smell your car on my clothes hours after I leave, something's got to change.

3. Don't speed too much.

I drive 80 on 65 roads too, and I appreciate the effort to get me home sooner, but going 110 mph on the interstate is a bit much.

4. Keep the music/radio down to a reasonable volume.

I know it gets boring driving all day, but please don't make my chest vibrate with bass. You can always use earbuds if you need it that loud.

For those of you thinking why doesn't he just ask the driver ( not to text/speed or turn the volume down )?, drivers can rate riders too on Uber and Lyft. I usually bite my tongue and try to bear it to avoid getting a bad review from the driver.