yours, tiramisu

i found a therapist! (nyc day 9)

It's this $40 watermelon soju! ティラミス I'm not sure if I'm doing this "drinking your sorrows" thing right, though, because now I'm sad and drunk. Maybe I haven't had enough?

I've been thinking a lot about this song by KAROL G. In it she sings,

Recuerdo que le hablaba a la luna y le pedía al sol
Que por favor me devolviera mi primer amor
Aquella noche sin sueño me hice amiga del alcohol
Pero no era pa' olvidarte, era pa' evitar el dolor
(in english:) I remember when I talked to the moon and begged the sun
To please give back my first love
That sleepless night, I befriended alcohol
But it wasn't to forget you, it was to escape the pain

The lyrics for that song are something to behold; it might just be my favorite breakup song. Where else do you find lines like this?

Y si fácil me caí, mas fácil me levanto
Porque en mi mundo
No existe ni los finales tristes ni los finales felices
Pero sí creo en los nuevos comienzos

If I fell easily, the easier I get up
Because in my mind
There are neither sad nor happy endings
But I believe in new beginnings

Friday, May 20th, 2023

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