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"Mango" - La Lá (lyrics/letra en/es)

These are the lyrics to "Mango" by La Lá, a song I have been obsessed with recently. I can't find the English translation online anywhere, so I decided to do it myself.

Sobre la sombra de un cuerpo
se construye una oración.
En el tiempo en que te tengo
imagino tu canción.

Y si la primavera nunca llega
dormiré hasta mi verano,
donde con la onda marina
me lave de desengaños.

Y si el recuerdo es persistente
y tu dulzura no me pasa,
me ahogaré en la madrugada
entre lágrimas y baba.

Y si esa lluvia no me mata
tenderé mi cuerpo al viento,
donde insectos y palomas
me tomen por alimento.

Y que siga la fiesta de las semillas,
y que gire la vida, en mí, sin la inercia de vivir.

Y que siga la orquesta de las abejas,
y que gire la rueda, en mí sin la inercia de vivir.

Over the shadow of a body
a prayer is built.
In the time I have you
I imagine your song.

And if spring never comes
I'll sleep until my summer,
where with the ocean wave
I wash myself of disappointments.

And if the memory is persistent
and your sweetness does not pass me by
I'll drown myself in the dawn
between tears and drool.

And if that rain does not kill me
I'll throw my body to the wind,
where insects and pigeons
will take me for food.

And may the feast1 of seeds continue,
and may life turn in me without the inertia of living.

And may the orchestra of the bees go on,
and may the wheel turn in me without the inertia of living.

  1. I'm not sure which definition of fiesta is appropriate here, but this is my best guess.

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