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impromptu karaoke sessions

This weekend is one of the biggest weekends for fight fans that I can remember. UFC 291 is tonight, as is Spence vs Crawford, a once-in-a-lifetime belt unification fight between 2 top pound-for-pound boxers, yet all I want to do right now is write and sleep. Aren't my twenties supposed to be the time I stay up late and have nights to remember? Why do I find myself wanting to go to bed at 10 PM?


I was at a small store in East Village waiting for my mochi as hits from the 2000s and 2010s played on a Marshall speaker. We were having a good time nodding our heads and singing along quietly, until Since U Been Gone started playing. The song started as any other, but as the chorus hit, every single one of us started belting out the lyrics at the top of our lungs. Suddenly, as if we'd rehearsed it, we were dancing goofily, singing out of tune in four different octaves, and grinning ear to ear. Looking around, I think we all knew how special our spontaneous karaoke session with a bunch of strangers was. As much as I love finding my own music taste on Spotify, I miss the times everyone listened to the same songs on the radio.


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