yours, tiramisu

hiding in plain sight

A lot of people ask me how I feel comfortable sharing my blog with so many people in real life. While I do feel like I am more comfortable being open and vulnerable than the average person, I think one big truth works in my favor: people don't read.

It takes a lot of effort to keep up with a blog that has no native subscription/notification feature. In my experience, the people who actually keep up with your blog will make themselves known quickly. And the rest you don't have to worry about. Sure, they might visit your blog once in a while, but if you write enough, sifting through hundreds of posts each a thousand words or so will be a formidable task. Most won't have the time to get very far, which leaves the more sensitive things you write free to drift unnoticed among the vast seas of nouns and verbs.

Most of my close friends (and even my parents) know about my blog, but hardly any of them read it. That's the way I like it: if I knew all of them read my posts my freedom would certainly be stifled. But I'm quite content to keep hiding in plain sight here.

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