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grocery lists (nyc day 28)

I cooked soba noodles today! It's my first time making any Asian food in this New York apartment, and a rarity for me in general. I cook quite frequently, and people will ask me what kind of food I like to cook. I always struggle to answer this, because I'm not sure if the food I make falls under any cuisine. I'm too lazy to use any techniques or add any discerning seasonings that would classify my food as any one cuisine's in particular.

When people hear this, they usually assume that I don't like to eat, and that I'm not a 'foodie'. But I'm not sure if that's true! I love to eat, and when I go out I try to eat and learn about as many new foods as I can. I just can't be bothered to cook fancy things on a daily basis. I'd rather pop some cauliflower or kale in the oven, eat it with some canned tuna or beans, and call it a day. I enjoy cooking, but I'd much rather spend my time going outside, exercising, or reading and writing, than preparing food that will be gone in minutes.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy soba was to prepare! Since I bought premade tsuyu (for dipping the noodles) from the store, I was able to make the noodles and eat them in under fifteen minutes. And tossing the squishy noodles under cold water after they'd cooked reminded me of playing with Ooblick as a kid. When's the last time you did something like that, playing with fun textures between your fingers or toes?

Just like I feel how my cooking style reveals a lot about me and what I value, I enjoy looking at the contents of people's shopping carts in the grocery store and seeing what I can infer about their lives from their grocery haul. I'll attach my grocery list for the week below. What does it tell you about what I like to eat, how I like to eat, or the way I was raised? Does it resemble yours at all?

yours, tiramisú

(I'm reminded of the grocery lists project I stumbled across a few years ago, if you want to see some other examples.)

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