yours, tiramisu


Yesterday Kendrick Lamar responded to Drake by dropping a diss track called euphoria. Naturally my two friends who listen to hip-hop freaked out. Drama on a Tuesday morning! We weren't the only ones, because the Genius site for the song crashed from all the traffic. The internet is having a field day with it.

yours, tiramisu

I'm not a Kendrick fan but this is far and away the best diss I've ever heard. Kendrick's high-pitched voice inflections shine through. Over six minutes and three wildly different beats he rips Drake's biracialism, reputation as a deadbeat, and inauthenticity, all in rhyme.

I can't choose which lyrics to point out — they're all good! Just listen and admire the wordplay.

Amidst all the carnage, you get the sense that Kendrick's not even trying. He raps,

I make music that electrify 'em, you make music that pacify 'em
I can double down on that line, but spare you this time, that's random acts of kindness

and later,

We ain't gotta get personal, this a friendly fade, you should keep it that way
I know some shit about n- that make Gunna Wunna look like a saint

It's lyrical homicide. I really hope this rap beef doesn't end here, because I want more of this.

The other songs in this beef up to this point:

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