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culling my inbox + my favorite email newsletters

I have 51 unread emails in my inbox right now. This might not seem like a lot to many of you, but to someone with a control freak personality who's used to being at inbox zero, it's an infuriating number to look at.

One reason I can't get this number down is because I treat my inbox like a to-do list. If I read an email and it has some sort of task implied in it that I need to do (respond, Zelle charge a friend, follow up in a week, etc), I mark it as unread so it sticks around in my inbox. This is something I've learned to do over the years, and it works remarkably well.

The main culprit of my inbox problem is that I simply have too much incoming mail. I subscribe to quite a few great email newsletters, which is a medium I've come to embrace since the pandemic. They're relatively unobtrusive, generally high quality, and delightfully diverse. I attribute most of the interestingness in my information diet to email newsletters. But it's time for me to thin the herd a bit, since I can't deal with twenty new emails a week, all filled with long-form articles to read and videos to watch. I want to share them here, both so you can take advantage of them and also so I can look back and see which ones I miss.

If you're looking for good email newsletters to follow (outside of these recommendations), I recommend subscribing to The Sample. It's a email newsletter aggregator that sends you recommendations based on your interests on a weekly basis (or more frequently, if you'd like). You can subscribe to newsletters you like in one click and downvote the ones you don't to train the model on your taste.

Onto my favorite email newsletters...

Oh, and a tip to make managing your subscriptions easier: if you have Gmail, I recommend using the plus addressing feature to differentiate newsletters from your other, more urgent mail. That way, you can filter out your newsletters when you need to focus on important things, and filter for them when you're bored and want something to read. I think most email clients have some sort of feature like this, so take advantage of it!

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