yours, tiramisu

don't take your Uber driver for granted

I recently called a Lyft driver for a ride to the airport that made me fear for my life. I'm sure she didn't mean any ill intent, but she kept texting on her phone while driving and nearly got us into a few accidents as she drifted absentmindedly between lanes. She also kept getting distracted by things on the side of the road, which led to one halting stop after another as she slammed on the brakes to avoid rear-ending cars in front of us. After I got off, I thanked the spirits that must have been watching over me and promptly reported her driving to Lyft as a safety hazard.

I've taken hundreds of Ubers and Lyfts in the past several years but none have come close to being this bad. I usually take a nap on longer rides, but her driving made me so anxious that I wasn't even able to close my eyes.

Today I had a smooth Uber ride to the airport and experienced a newfound tranquility and gratitude for my driver. We can all do our part to help appreciate the good drivers (not to mention all the other service workers) by tipping them generously when they do well and speaking up when they don't.

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