yours, tiramisu

⭐ an ode to that "coffee friend"

I love when a friend is into something like coffee. We all know someone like that— they grind their own beans, brew their own fancy coffees, and have their own favorite coffee shop to get a cold brew.

No, it’s not because I am a coffee nerd too or because I like talking to them about their passion. I don’t know anything about coffee. I tried using the office Keurig last week and couldn’t even figure out which way the k-cup was supposed to go in.

I like friends like this because it’s so easy to get them gifts. I’m on vacation this week and there’s no guesswork when deciding what my coffee friend is going to get. Anytime I go anywhere remotely famous for its coffee, I buy them a nice bag of beans as a souvenir. Worst comes to worst, at least they have a free bag of coffee from some exotic location.

It doesn’t have to be coffee. Maybe you have a friend that’s into beers the same way, or chocolate, stationery, heck—I don’t know—maybe even refrigerator magnets. I think among my friends I’m the “postcard guy”. I like to send snail mail, so now my friends often get me postcards as souvenirs when they travel. And I love this, because since I collect them I have my way to store them and put them to good use. I pin them up in my room or on my desk at work, and none of them ever get wasted.

It’s okay if you don’t have a hobby that qualifies like this. But I think we should appreciate those who do and encourage their hobbies (with their blessing, of course). They make life easier for the rest of us and limit needless waste from us buying them souvenirs and gifts that they won't use.

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