yours, tiramisu

laissez les bons temps rouler

This upcoming week marks my umpteenth complete revolution around the sun. I'll be out of town on the actual day, but it's usually a muted affair anyway. That being said, one of my friends in town treated me to a lovely day today, and I'm always happy to spread out the festivities earlier or later.

It's a dreary Saturday. Since I started working I can't help but notice how many weeks of cloudless sunshine are bookended by doom and gloom. It doesn't affect me as much now since I can take advantage of the sun whenever it shines, but I had plans tomorrow and they're almost certainly going to have to be rescheduled. I never understand how people deal with the anxiety of setting a weather-dependent date far in advance; booking snorkeling tours on vacation was nerve-wracking enough for me. I hate relinquishing control to the powers that be!!

A friend I called a few days ago asked me, "When's the last time you really treated yourself?" I didn't have a good answer. What does it mean to treat yourself? I feel like I'm treating myself every time I go to Steak 'n Shake for a half price happy hour shake, and I also feel like I'm treating myself by taking it easy on the job hunt until the end of the year. Are these the same? Is there merit to treating yourself without good reason? And how do you measure the magnitude of a treat—how much money you spent, how much joy you gained, how much it deviates from your usual habits? She didn't seem convinced that I had treated myself recently, but the way I see it, if I don't feel desperately in need of anything in particular, why go out of my way to indulge myself?

Regardless of how I feel on that matter, today certainly felt like a splurge. I gorged myself on japchae, banchan, and strawberry cream cake, and my heart is overflowing from this lovely gift!

yours, tiramisu

(I'm still trying to decide if Boy Smells is a reference to some inimitable male scent or a subtle way of telling me I stink.)

P.S. Some treats:

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