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30 day song challenge

(No energy to write today. Almost skipped this post but I'm so close!!! I'll cheat a little with a short post today and call it a day month. With the two days from last December the streak is now at 30. That's a month, right?)

Today was the first day my friend group is doing this 30 day song challenge (below). We created a shared Spotify playlist for it. It's been fun thinking through what songs I'll add, and I'm glad it gives me something to look forward to for the next month.

I also enjoy seeing not just what songs other people pick, but how they approach the challenge. Do they plan out what songs they'll choose ahead of time? (I do, vaguely.) Do they pick songs that will appeal to the rest of the group? Do they participate in the challenge at all?

I'll come back to this post to keep an updated list of my additions.

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