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Today I stumbled across this absolute gem of an album which seems to make everyone feel waves of intense, ineffable nostalgia and wistfulness. Have a listen (unfortunately it's not on Spotify).

On Saturday (yesterday) I took myself out and treated myself to one of my favorite foods. Everyone should try eating oysters on a cold winter day at least once. I enjoyed mine with a dab of cocktail sauce, a generous dollop of horseradish, and a splash of lemon juice. There isn't a food in the world that makes me feel more alive.



En route to my oysters, I had the good fortune to be in just the right place at the right time to snap this shot.


This is my favorite picture from today; I couldn't help smiling when I saw this fungus (?) growing on the wooden boardwalk. A lot of fungi make me shudder, but something about this one's diminutive size, discreet location, and sharp outlines is so endearing to me. On slow days where I struggle to find the energy to get out of bed, noticing little pockets of beauty like this make all the difference.


Bear's 2 mb limit on photo uploads is killing me today (ಥ﹏ಥ) I can feel all of the pictures screaming in agony as I compress them on TinyPNG to a third of their former glory.

I think this might be a busy week up ahead, but I'll write when I can.

~ tiramisú

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