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the best $12 i ever spent

I'm 3/4ths of the way through Hillary, a 4-part documentary about Hillary Clinton on Hulu. It covers her background as a bona fide feminist tour de force and how she dealt with the trials and tribulations of intense public scrutiny, especially with respect to her husband's sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky.

I rarely watch anything, and I think what pushed me to watch this was my newly-acquired morbid curiosity for tales of infidelity now, because—well, what drives people to do such awful, hurtful things, especially when there's so much at stake? How do those affected deal with the pain, shame, and anguish?

I've always looked up to Hillary Clinton, but even I was floored at the resilience she displayed in the aftermath of the scandal. She didn't hide from public life; instead, she continued to appear in public and honor her prior commitments. And not only did she decide to stick by her husband's side, but she also put her feelings aside to defend him fiercely throughout the impeachment proceedings. It's impossible for me to imagine how hard it must have been to deal with such devastating news in the public eye. It's a wonder she survived, and the documentary left me with newfound respect for her.

After work I saw some kids playing soccer at the park near my school and they graciously let me join them. Within five minutes I'd accidentally kicked their ball in what seemed like an irretrievable place: behind a tall rusty chain link fence, down an air shaft more than 10 feet below ground level. I felt awful. They were already so kind to let me join, and I'd repaid their trust by prematurely ending their game.

Since it's an unspoken rule in sports to get the ball if you lose it, I tried climbing the fence and making the jump down fifteen feet. Naturally, I chickened out—I was inflexible, unbalanced, and worried sick about getting tetanus. I fell backwards over the fence and felt the wind rush out of my lungs as my back hit asphalt.

As the other kids tried to climb the fence in pursuit of the ball (despite my protests not to, since it was patently dangerous), some of them chatted with me and told me they were immigrants from Nigeria who'd moved to New York recently. I was struck by how kind and open they were with me, especially considering how I'd just booted their ball likely into an ignominious demise minutes earlier. They would have been completely justified in getting mad at me, yet not one of them made me feel bad for losing the ball. We have so much to learn from kids... I always find myself surprised by their grace and candor.

We ended up getting the ball thanks to one kid's heroics and played for a bit before I had to go pick up my clothes from the laundromat. Before I left though, I bought all six of them ice cream from a pushcart passing by. I don't remember the last time spending $12 made me so happy, but all of them really deserved it for being so kind and welcoming.

I had a really good weekend! You can usually tell when I do because I'm too busy doing things to post on the blog. I went to see a Broadway show called 'Grey House' on Friday night and spent Saturday and Sunday gorging myself in Flushing and Jackson Heights, respectively. I'll link my finds down below!


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